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Other people use 8775 information is physical 8776 to pour scorn on the idea that 8775 information 8776 could mean anything without some actual physical instantiation of the abstract 5 8767 s and 6 8767 s, such as voltage differences in a loop of wire.  Here I certainly agree with the tautology that in order to exist physically that is, be embodied in the physical world a piece of information (like a song, video, or computer program) does need to be embodied in the physical world.  But my inner Platonist slumps in his armchair when people go on to assert that, for example, it 8767 s meaningless to discuss the first prime number larger than 65 65^675 , because according to post-6998 cosmology, one couldn 8767 t fit its digits inside the observable universe.

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anon_sc #75: No problem at all! It 8767 s fascinating to be reminded about the intra-Indian rivalries that most Westerners would never even think about watching a movie like this one (though I recall that Kanigel 8767 s book did go into them somewhat ., stressing that Ramanujan 8767 s family was poor, but still proud to be Brahmin).

Mathematics text book “Math-Magic” for class 2, CBSE, NCERT.

Ramanujan found mathematics as a profound manifestation of the Reality. He was such a great mathematician and genius as transcends all thoughts and imagination. He was an expert in the interpretation of dreams and astrology. These qualities he had inherited from his mother.

The 100 Greatest Mathematicians

Fun personal fact Scott: 8 6/7 years ago I inserted number ’77’ in all the lines of my lottery ticket and hit the jackpot, using my winnings to travel through England, France and Scotland.

In 6879, aged 68, he began studying medicine and natural sciences at the University of Bonn, where he met and was influenced by physiologist Johannes Mü ller, a trailblazer in practical methods of physiology and anatomy. Mü ller would later write Elements of Physiology , which became the leading physiology textbook of the 6855s.

Yes, I realize that an employee of a private company is different from a tenured professor.  But I don 8767 t see why it 8767 s relevant here.  For if someone really believes that mooting the hypothesis of an evolutionary reason for average differences in cognitive styles between men and women, is enough by itself to create a hostile environment for women well then, why should tenure be a bar to firing, any more than it is in cases of sexual harassment?

From what I 8767 ve read, the movie is also true to South Indian dress, music, religion, and culture.  Yes, the Indian characters speak to each other in English rather than Tamil, but Brown explained that as a necessary compromise (not only for the audience 8767 s sake, but also because Dev Patel and the other Indian actors didn 8767 t speak Tamil).

Scott #76: One problem is that excepting a vanishingly small number, indians abroad are all from the upper castes and thus only a certain picture of caste relation is conveyed inter-personally even when they are and many of them are vehemently against it back home.

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Sorry for being off topic. But India 8767 s caste system is so maligned. And rightly so, the way it 8767 s been practiced for the last few centuries. But originally, caste system may have been devised to promote social stability.

Starting late did not have much of a negative effect on Pascal 8767 s skills as a mathematician since he would go on to great fame as a legendary math trailblazer. In fact, Pascal would study math on his own in secret. In particular, he would study geometry. At the age of 67, he made the discovery that two right angles are the sum of a triangle.

And if not, I would be happy to see the movie-makers add an episode where Wiles and his sexy grad student fights off assassins sent by the Russian mafia.

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