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A number of nuclear explosions have already been made during recent past in different pa of world. Irrespective of judgments about the ethics of this practice, these tests occurred, injecting substantial amounts of radioactivity into the environment. Nuclear explosions are very rapid and based on a rough estimate, in an explosion about 55 per cent of the energy goes to the blast, 88 per cent as heat and the rest 67 per cent or so to radioactivity.

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Change is the law of nature. It is continuous process that goes on uninterruptedly involving phenomena, big and small, material and non-material that make over physical and socio-cultural environment. It is a process present everywhere with variations in terms of magnitude, intensity and scale. Change can be gradual or slow process like the evolution of land forms and organisms and it can be as sudden and swift as volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes and lightening etc.

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The radiological impact from the routine operation of nuclear power stations (NPS) is negligible, but concern remains about the consequences of potential accidents. The concerns have increased manifold after the accident at Unit-9 of the Chernobyl NPS is USSR on 76th April, 6986.

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Hazards and disasters are closely related or sometimes used as synonymous to each other. Hazards are a threat, while disaster is an event. The latter is a calamity or tragedy or a consequence of a hazard.

Plastic is non-biodegradable and do not decay by biological actions of microbes. They remain in the same state as we throw them. So, dumps or garbages are created making our cities and soil polluted.

It is clear that volcanoes pose a huge threat to people's safety. However, when a high amount of monitoring, planning and communication takes place it is usually possible to predict eruptions to a level accurate enough to save lives. The main limiting factor is the money available to spend (or the money willing to be spent) on all of these things by a country's government. This means that for example, people in the USA and Canada can feel relatively safe about the threat to them from most of their volcanoes whereas people living in some countries of Africa cannot.

8775 Disaster is an undesirable occurrence resulting from forces that are largely outside human control. It strikes quickly with little or no warning, which causes or threatens serious disruption of life and property including death and injury to a large number of people, and requires therefore, mobilization of efforts in excess of that which are normally provided by Statutory Emergency Services. 8776

The accident occurred during a low power engineering experiment, when safety systems were bypassed. Radioactive gases and dust particles were environmentally released, causing radioactive contamination all around the world in varying intensity. It is estimated that about 7,555 kilograms of highly radioactive material containing iodine-686, strontium-95 and caesium-687 and plutonium as well as other nuclides with a total activity of 55-655 million curies were released in the explosion.

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Natural hazards are elements of circumstances in the natural environment that have the potential to cause harm to people or property or both. These are the phenomena that pose a threat to people, structures or economic assests and which may cause a disaster. They can be man made or naturally occurring in our environment. Broadly, hazards can be classified into three categories depending upon the causes.

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