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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 22:26

Khat, I cover 65 confusing word pairs and trios in my 65 Quick Word Fixes. (Click the box in the right column to learn about it.) For only US$7, it offers a lot of information. Good luck!

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Doh! I missed discreetly - which didn t quite look right - then counted two in foreword to get to ten. Good lesson to double-check when things don t look quite right (obviously can t depend on spellcheck!).

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It doesn’t matter what type of editing assistance you need. We can help both post-graduate students who is writing his dissertation and a first-year student in his academic assignments. can provide you with experienced and skilled online writing editor who will follow all your requirements.

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Why should you try our proofreading test? Because the importance of spellchecking, copy-editing and proofreading your content shouldn’t be underestimated.

Thank you for the opportunity to take your quick proofreading test. I found a total of seven errors. I understand that there were eight. I have always had a knack for seeing mistakes in many facets of writing whether it was a book, a magazine and the worst I 8767 ve found, newspapers. For some unknown reason it drives me crazy seeing these mistakes. I am a avid reader and a non-published writer. I have a very imaginative mind. I also love photography and history.

Some say proofreading is easy, but it involves more than finding misspelled words and detecting punctuation errors. Professional proofreading involves checking for correct grammar and word usage too.

The results of each proofreading test will be included in a corporate employee assessment and enhanced with a detailed, personalized evaluation of the employee's proofreading aptitude.

Apples : This should have an apostrophe . Apple 8767 s. We 8767 re talking about the company 8767 s 8766 slick design 8767 here. In other words, the 8766 slick design 8767 is referencing the word 8766 company 8767 , so it needs a possessive apostrophe to indicate this.

What often gets me is the placement of closing quote marks ( , 8776 or 8775 ,). I was taught to put the comma or other punctuation AFTER the closing quote marks, unless the punctuation was specific to the item in quotes. However, I 8767 ve worked with someone who insisted that all punctuation goes inside the quote marks. That has never made any sense.

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