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If the question is about theme, talk about it in the introduction, then discuss, one per paragraph, how the other aspects contribute to it, and conclude by talking about the success or otherwise of the author in communicating his/her theme.

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It is a commonplace in Argentine literary circles to talk of Aira 8767 s unevenness in terms of quality, his lapses into sketchy characterizations or seemingly gratuitous violations of realism. In a single review of an Aira book, the average book critic will often seize on some specific aspect of the novel in order to declare it tiresome, nonsensical, or unnecessary, and then only a few sentences later make a grandiose claim about Aira 8767 s literary mastery and his unparalleled originality and preternatural inventiveness. And perhaps it is around this last word that some sort of critical consensus has been reached, because more than a novelist or writer per se an inventor is what Aira is, an inventor of strange literary (artistic) artifacts.

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But in academia, supply is decoupled from demand. Beginning in Cross 8767 time and accelerating after World War II and the GI Bill, universities broadened their curricula to include what they called 8775 creative writing. 8776 Harvard, Yale, and Princeton began offering undergraduate writing courses. The University of Iowa proffered a Master of Fine Arts program, and its graduates went on to teach the next generation at Iowa or, more often, started other MFA programs often founding a companion literary magazine at which students could work, learning the art of editing.

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At the end of this lecture, citing Argentine writer Alberto Laiseca, Aira compared the writer to a magician: 8775 The greatness and efficacy of a magician is measured by his refusal to use magic. The true magician, the greatest, is the poorest and most unfortunate of all mortals. Because between his magic and his person forgetfulness takes shape, in the form of the world. 8776

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In this, How I Became a Nun is the most representative of Aira 8767 s books to appear in English. Most of Aira 8767 s books are concocted similarly: a kaleidoscopic swirling of absurdities, flashes of humor, incursions into grotesque expressionism. The two prior translations into English, The Hare (among Aira 8767 s longest books with 778 pages in Spanish) and An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter , are novels that might be described as atypical when considering the whole of Aira 8767 s production. Both are tales of the Pampas, a rural setting Aira markedly favored only early in his career.

Just as with the work of the writers we publish, the work the artists and photographers share with us is created from a place deep in their hearts. For some, their art is inspired by illness, disease, or tragedy. For others, their purpose is to tell a story about a specific moment in time. I 8767 m pleased to dedicate this editor 8767 s letter to the artists and photographers who shared their work with us last year and hope you 8767 re as moved by the images as I am.

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The invocation of a novel 8767 s title in the first sentence is another old storytelling trick. It is nothing more than a special case of repetition as literary device. Repeating the title of the story in its first sentence serves to lend the titular phrase a special significance—for the remainder of the story it serves as a kind of emblem. The whole story unrolls under the influence of these phrases: 8775 I was a modern girl... 8776 or 8775 How I became a nun... 8776 Every word in the book becomes ancillary to the phrase, which serves like a kind of skeleton key.

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