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“Every other week, someone comes in asking about Fenn’s treasure,” he says. “They’re looking for maps, places to camp, and the best way to access the areas. They don’t want advice from us — they’ve got it made up in their mind already. It’s amazing how confident they are that it’s here.”

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On the other Hand, Learning has been as great a Loser by being shut up in Colleges and Cells, and secluded from the World and good Company. By that Means, every Thing of what we call Belles Lettres became totally barbarous, being cultivated by Men without any Taste of Life or Manners, and without that Liberty and Facility of Thought and Expression, which can only be acquir’d by Conversation. Even Philosophy went to Wrack by this moaping recluse Method of Study, and became as chimerical in her Conclusions as she was unin-

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These two species of false religion, though both pernicious, are yet of a very different, and even of a contrary nature. The mind of man is subject to certain unaccountable terrors and apprehensions, proceeding either from the unhappy situation of private or public affairs, from ill health, from a gloomy and melancholy disposition, or from the concurrence of all these circumstances. In such a state of mind, infinite unknown evils are dreaded from unknown agents and where real objects of terror are wanting, the soul, active to its

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At noon, we reach the trailhead. Fliers pinned to a trail marker warn of grizzlies — including one that has been shot by a hunter and is in the vicinity somewhere, injured and agitated. This is certainly the home of Brown.

The effects that are possible by this method are, however, restricted to galvinism. Put the electrodes on, and the frog’s legs twitch, notwithstanding the frog is a corpse. But he can’t make tadpoles any more.

This did not come from the mouth of a BLM, or an SJW, or other DMI (my abbreviation for, “drooling malicious idjit”) rather, from that of an ageing white male.

We begin in Ice Box Canyon ( where warm waters halt ), then follow Highway 767 (as it happens, the degree point at which boiling water turns to steam) down into the valley. Herein lies our home of Brown : the Lamar Valley Ranger Station, an iconic outpost where a well-loved ranger named Gary Brown lived when Fenn was a kid. We’d planned to go inside, talk to a ranger, and get some background on Mr. Brown. But when we arrive, the station is locked up and nobody’s home.

Personal factions arise most easily in small republics. Every domestic quarrel, there, becomes an affair of state. Love, vanity, emulation, any passion, as well as ambition and resentment, begets public division. The Neri and Bianchi of Florence , the Fregosi and Adorni of Genoa , the Colonesi and Orsini of modern Rome , were parties of this kind.

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