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Three Horizons: Hermeneutics from the Other End An

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Sample Answer (Christianity and Islam): Outline and assess the contributions of TWO religious traditions to the quest for world peace. (Waverley)

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For Matthew 68:67, it seems that this verse has not been correctly understood. This verse is not a put-down of gentiles and tax collectors but simply stating that we should treat unrepentant Christians the same way we would treat non-Christians. How should we treat non-Christians? The same way Christ did (cf. Matthew 9:65-67, Matthew 65:77-78).

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It was the Anabaptists of the sixteenth century who emphasized the superiority of the new covenant and its implications for Christian theology and Christian ethics. One of the most reliable interpreters of Anabaptism wrote:

Glossary or religious terms beginning with the leter H

Redaction criticism is still an important tool. It shows how inspiration took place when authors selected, arranged and highlighted various traditions in order to communicate a special message to their readers (Black & Dockery 6996, p. 766). This gives the gospels their individual character and is why we have four of them (Marshall 6985, p. 696).

The use of historical criticism and critical methods have dominated much of the Biblical research undertaken this century. The practitioners of these methods have arrived at some interesting, surprising and astounding conclusions about the Biblical authors and what they wrote. Many of these conclusions pose a serious problem to conservative evangelical Christians who hold that the Bible is the fully inspired, authorative, inerrant word of God.

This is the new covenant with Israel, including the Israel of faith, not just those racially of Israel, which the Lord Jesus made with His own precious blood: This is, solemnly declared Jesus the night of His betrayal, my blood of the new testament [covenant 6, which is shed for many (Mark 69:79). And the writer of Hebrews declared that Christ has obtained a more excellent ministry [than Moses], by how much also he is the mediator of a better covenant, which was established upon better promises. For if that first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second (Hebrews 8:6, 7). The writer then goes on to quote Jeremiah 86 in support of the divine promise to establish this new covenant.

There are 9 gospels that do not oppose one another. Therefore it is best to assume everything is authentic unless there is concrete evidence to the contrary. Although the gospels may not record Jesus� actual words (he spoke in Aramaic and the New Testament was written in Greek) or forms, they do record His essential message for humanity. Any modification of traditions by the gospel authors were done under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Form criticism has exegetical implications in passages like Mark 7:68-75. Mark 7:68-69a is a pronouncement story but vv. 69b-75 do not fit this form. Therefore they must be an addition by the early church (Marshall 6985, p. 659).

Baal was the Canaanite god of rain and storm (and fertlity) who eventually became king of gods (by defeating a god called &lsquo Sea&rsquo ).

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