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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:38

Many times, classical singers can’t sing with choirs, not because they can’t sing, but because their voices stand out and that’s something that’s not appropriate for a choir where everyone needs to sound uniform. Also, usually choirs have a soprano and an alto section, so categorizing in-between voices like mezzo-sopranos falls on the discretion of the conductor on a case by case basis. It 8767 s a safe bet to say that you 8767 re mezzo but sang with the altos because of lack of volume control.

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At the age of 68, you 8767 re most likely not a counter-tenor because chances are your voice hasn 8767 t fully broken yet, so you would still have a child voice type.

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Also, usually there is an audition for these types of programs, so in essence you need experience but not exactly professional performing experience, however it 8767 s always good. My suggestion is to always look for opportunities join your school 8767 s choir if they have one, join a local singing group if they 8767 re looking for members, and PRACTICE as much as you can. Also, get informed on singing and music as a profession: what a note is, an octave, pitch, key, A 8767 Cappella, etc.

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Hi, I don 8767 t know if you can help me ? I 8767 ve been told I 8767 m a bass-baritone ,I 8767 m comfortable singing down to b6 (I can go lower but I class this as vocal fry ) I can sing up to e9 or maybe f9 if I really push it ( not comfortable) is this a typical bass-baritone range? Thank you very much Paul x

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A typical soprano can vocalize B8 to C6 , though a soprano coloratura can sing a lot higher than that reaching F6, G6 etc. At this point I would like to debunk a myth. It is widely thought that the higher a singer can sing, the better the singer is. This couldn 8767 t be further from the truth as range is defined by our physique and size of the vocal cords, not not how professional we are.

You 8767 re mostly in tenor range (unfortunately tenor-baritone is not a category much like we don 8767 t have soprano-alto), but as always, you need to look at which range is the most comfortable for you. If it 8767 s your higher range (without singing purely falsetto) and you 8767 re past puberty, then you 8767 re definitely a tenor. It 8767 s it 8767 s somewhere in the middle or lower, and you haven 8767 t yet passed puberty, you might turn out into a baritone.

Other featured discs include the final instalment of Roger Vignoles's Strauss Lieder series on Hyperion (one of our own recent Recordings of the Week), with soprano Rebecca Evans and tenor Nicky Spence, and a stunning debut disc of English guitar music from the guitarist Sean Shibe, whom David interviewed a few weeks ago about the recording.

I 8767 m just curious though. I 8767 m a teenage girl. I can vocalize from a E8 to an A6 or sometimes higher because I frequently use the whistle register when I sing different arias and pieces. I 8767 m just curious, because I often use a mix of whistle register and head resonace on notes starting from E6 to A6 or maybe higher, does it count as my range or does it not? I 8767 ve read that only natural head resonance usually counts in singing but I 8767 ve also heard that the whistle register can count towards range.

SACD issues of Berlioz overtures with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Andrew Davis, Weingartner's Symphony No. 7 with soloists, chorus and the Basel Orchestra directed by Marko Letonja, and Neemi Jä rvi leading the Suisse Romande Orchestra in music of Raff: Four Shakespeare Preludes and Symphony No. 7 (CHANDOS / CPO )

Well ..there 8767 s a new kid on the block now, called Liudmyla Monastryka, (Ukranian) who is singing Aida at the Met this season and I reckon she is going to knock the socks off most of the sopranos singing today. Saw her singing Lady Macbeth (Royal Opera House London)

Hello! I 8767 m a 69 year old girl and my rage is from C8 to A5 (or C5 without including my head voice). I can 8767 t sing most of my favourite female singers 8767 songs unless I use my head voice but I can go as low as most of the male singers I listen to. I have no idea what my voice would be classified as. Any help would be nice. Thank you!

So, I would like to ask you the following: is it that my vocal range is going deeper as I grow older (because my father is a 8775 house shaker 8776 , he has really darkened sounds and 8775 tough 8776 voice, when he speaks and I want to be like him), or is it that my vocal technique has improved during these four years? And, could you tell me what am I? Some people say I am a bass, some say even I can 8767 t be one because I 8767 m brazilian and basses around here are rare, etc, so than I must be a baritone Can you, please, tell me?

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