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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 08:02

The SAT test has been around for many years, but SAT prep tools has not. And, throughout those years the same stumbling blocks have been basically the same. Namely, the MATH portion of the test ! Now this fact alone is enough to drive most test takers to some form of SAT prep tools. Fortunately, math appears to be the most coach-able and likewise the biggest difference maker to the test. Also fortunate is the fact that you have somehow found your way to, in my opinion, the best SAT study guide complete with sample tests and answers, on the internet. Focus on what needs the most attention and you will do fine.

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I graduated in June and enrolled for the fall semester at a comm college. I had to withdrawl and move back home in another town due to a living conflict. As long as I register for the next semester will my bright futures still fund the new comm colletge. I am getting conflicting information, the school I withdrew from says yes the new school says no.

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John That 8767 s a pretty good question and I 8767 m not entirely sure. FLVS doesn 8767 t have the best help section, I would say to check out and see if they hold the old grade or just show the new one.

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If your child has 655% Bright Futures and Florida prepaid for tuition, how do the 7 coordinate? Which funds are used first? Can BF be used for books, room & board, fees, etc. if the bulk of tuition is covered by Florida Prepaid?
Thanks! for the help!

I have taken Human Anatomy and Physiology I with the lab but I did not take Human Anatomy and Physiology II because I didn 8767 t think I needed it, and took Oceanography instead (which doesn 8767 t require a lab). Does this mean If I dont take another Natural Science that requires a lab I will be disqualified ??

If the guidance counselors won 8767 t help students with their applications because they have an issue with the community hours, I would advise the students to personally work on the application and apply directly to the state.

John: There 8767 s a federal policy making students with federal drug felonies ineligible for financial aid I 8767 m pretty sure Florida adheres to these standards. I don 8767 t think a misdemeanor would make her ineligible, however.

What about students who are home schooled? I had heard from a counselor that you would have to be home schooled for 7 full years prior to graduation to be able to receive Bright Futures.

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