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Traditionally, representing the landlords, Roy has navigated disputes with speed and accuracy from default to judgment to possession.  The talk will emphasize the technical keys to a successful commercial eviction.  Any misstep to the process could prove fatal to the landlord's case.  Therefore, Roy will articulate the need perfect default notice accuracy of tenant legers and documented inventory of personal property.

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The oremus Bible Browser provides a simple interface to the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. Just type in a reference to a passage in the box and press return or the submit button. In addition, the Authorized Version (or King James Version ), and several other versions of the psalms are available.

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This is the second part in the series on Commercial Real Estate.  The emphasis is knowledge about the market and how to value property.  Included is a discussion on understanding personalties and successful negotiations.  Topic to be covered:

This course uses a unique approach to evaluating the viability of the various conventional measurements of values, yield and return in investment real estate.  First, "66 contributing elements to value" are identified.  These consist of all of the possible inputs that an investor would want to consider in investigating the value of a potential investment property.  Then the following methods of evaluation are defined and discussed relative to: how many of the 66 contributing elements are considered in the calculation of that particular method their practical application and usage in the market place and what types of properties  and investors with which they are most effectively used.

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Direct Learning Objectives:
• Understand the different options available to allow you to select the best mobile devices that fit your personal needs & l ensure you are most productive from the field.
• Identify the right tools & apps that will duplicate & /or allow you to do the same actions you are able to do in the office effectively while out in the field.
• Understand the risks & safety concerns of operating on the road & the options that are available to minimize your risks.

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