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Why Does My Child Always Stick Their Tongue Out? 6 Causes

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 17:38

Masses or growths in and around the tongue can either make it large or push the tongue out. There are cysts that can form in salivary glands or what is known as a  thyroglossal duct cyst. Cysts are usually observed and resolve on their own. One of our friends right now is dealing with a possible lymphatic malformation that is causing their baby’s tongue to appear large.

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Hairy black tongue has quite a few risk factors — poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking a lot of coffee, being dehydrated, and using antibiotics, to name a few. Luckily, clearing up the condition is accomplished with simple oral hygiene. Thoroughly brushing and cleaning the tongue is the best way to combat its odd appearance, along with drinking a lot of water. And along with the rest of your body, your tongue would thank you if you quit smoking.

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If the tongue has no tone it will rest in state that is completely relaxed and likely  protrude from the mouth. Just think about what your tongue is doing right now. You are holding it back in your mouth, if you just relax the muscle it takes up a lot more room in your mouth. There are several other syndromes that have hypotonia besides Down syndrome including,  Prader-Willi ,  Rett syndrome , and several others, even  benign congenital hypotonia  which will resolve on its own.

Another reason a baby sticks out their tongue is due to undiagnosed congenital hypothyroidism. Sometimes newborn screening doesn 8767 t catch CH and even mild CH can cause the tongue to protrude. What I have found interesting about Micah and my other son Eli who both have CH is that the 8775 markers 8776 found in utero and the common medical symptoms (heart & gastro stuff) for CH are VERY similar to those with babies born with DS. Very interesting! Great information! Many blessings from Michigan, from the Genius family!

Much of your brain is devoted to your tongue. It is a huge muscle, constantly moving, that has to keep out of the way of your teeth, help you swallow and avoid choking you. It’s covered with densely packed touch receptors that constantly update the mental map of the shape of your mouth. And your tongue is connected to the brain’s language centres so it often moves to partly form word shapes as you think. All this sends a huge stream of data to your brain. Sticking your tongue out or biting it, reduces its movement and cuts down on this torrent, which leaves more brain-power available to concentrate.

Please use people first language and never say 8775 Down 8767 s baby 8776 . I would walk out of your office if you ever spoke about my child that way. Just some friendly advise.

As a mom of a 69 year old girl with DS and a dental hygienist, I 8767 d like to add another little tidbit here. Be sure you keep an eye on your child 8767 s tonsils. Typically with DS, they will have large tonsils and adenoids. When this is the case, coupled with low muscle tone around the mouth, it can exacerbate their tongue protrusion. A palate forms it 8767 s correct shape partially by the forces of a tongue in proper position. If the tongue has no room because the child 8767 s tonsils are taking up so much room (or causing them to mouth breathe), the palate will form high and narrow. My daughter had her tonsils out at age 7 and her palate is fine, her arches are not crowded, and she does not protrude. Early screenings are very important for a growing mouth!

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