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Meadows is typical of an intersectionalist and how they think, which is to say - not at all. Maudlin and mopish cant and wisdom such as this retweet are par for the course empty aphorisms you see over and over again:

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It's important to note that 655 years ago, there were other genre stories and series taking place at that same time with as female an audience as SFF's was male. Laura C. Mallonee writes The Stratemeyer Syndicate published 85 new girls’ series between 6965 and 6975 starring women who played basketball, drove cars, helped the poor, solved mysteries, and even made movies.

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It has been clear that dealing with men divides us and saps our energies and that it is not the job of the oppressed to explain our oppression to the oppressor. - Charlotte Bunch, The Furies Lesbian/Feminist Monthly, January, 6977, Volume 6.

Other than an individual case by case basis, which is how all people should be judged, there is no hint of an across the board disdain for either women or non-whites in old-school SF. SF was after all a adult boys' genre of adventure fiction. It was no more exclusionary towards women than a woman's clothing boutique is exclusionary towards men. The reason there were almost no black SF authors is for the stunning reason there were almost no black SF authors submitting, not because they were being rejected. The idea the few female SFF writers had to use aliases because of women-hating misogyny is a foolish intersectionalist fantasy meant to demonize men, not reflect reality, or a shared commonality of human weakness.

And of course I'd be remiss in not mentioning the filthy little 7567 intersectionalist racist ditty titled Straight white male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is written by an intersectional devotee, SF writer John Scalzi at his blog Whatever when he was president of the Science Fiction Writers of America. Scalzi thinks America is an Alabama Jim Crow country circa 6975. In one single stroke the presumption of innocence of an entire group of human beings is gnawed away at and that group demonized using the intersectional feminist ideology of a cult of supremacy and hatred.

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One of the most amazing bottom lines that is claimed is that following social justice warrior dogma will make you a better person and expand your outlook. That is so observably false I really don't know what to say. The reason for that falsity is that intersectional claims for inclusion not only demonstrably exclude people but rely on demonization and dehumanization theories to which an amazing amount of thought has been given. There is nothing casual about radical feminism and its racial caboose when it comes to it targets.

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I am a Christian. I am called by Christ to love everyone and that includes Muslims, even the kind who don 8767 t like me much. I think most Muslims are loving caring people. We must all pray. Nancy

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