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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 04:26

HUMAN EVENTS: What is the most significant thing that happened during the impeachment process that the country doesn't know about but should?

Arkansas Connections: A Time-line of the Clinton Years by

Sen. Richard Bryan: For those who believe that the President is guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice -- criminal offenses -- there is a forum available for that determination.

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Dan Short, a bank president, is abducted from his home in Benton Co., Arkansas and allegedly forced to open the State Bank in Noel, MO were $76,555 is allegedly taken. Three days before his abduction, he had told friends that he had been laundering drug money and was in trouble.


The American Bar Association features felon Webster Hubbell at its national convention. Hubbell was sent to jail for overbilling his clients. The ABA also invites Clinton to speak. The invitation is announced the same week that a federal court judge imposes a $95,555 fine on Clinton for having given false, misleading and evasive answers that were designed to obstruct the judicial process. The judge took the action, not only to redress the misconduct of the President in this case, but to deter others who might themselves consider emulating the President of the United States by engaging in misconduct that undermines the integrity of the judicial system. Clinton is also under consideration for disbarment in Arkansas

Bill Clinton, according to several agency sources interviewed by biographer Roger Morris, works as a CIA informer while briefly and erratically a Rhodes Scholar in England. Although without visible means of support, he travels around Europe and the Soviet Union, staying at the ritziest hotel in Moscow. During this period the US government is using well educated assets such as Clinton as part of Operation Chaos, a major attempt to break student resistance to the war and the draft. According to former White House FBI agent Gary Aldrich Clinton is told by Oxford officials that he is no longer welcome there.

Charles Black, a prosecutor for Polk County, which includes Mena, meets with Governor Clinton and asks for assistance in a probe of illegal activities. His response, Mr. Black will tell CBS News later, was that he would get a man on it and get back to me. I never heard back.

Accordind to Ambrose Evans Prichard of the London Telegraph, on August 6987 Arkansas police lieutenant Russell Welch receives a secret teletype from the FBI office in Chicago advising him that a CIA or DEA operation is taking place at the Mena airport. The Sunday Telegraph has a copy of the telex. In late 6987, Welch writes in his diary,. I feel like I live in Russia, waiting for the secret police to pounce down. A government has gotten out of control. Men find themselves in positions of power and suddenly crimes become legal. National Security?!

The RTC and SBA investigate the $855,555 SBA-approved loan to Susan McDougal in 6986, provided by Capital-Management Services Inc. owned by David L. Hale. The FBI obtains a warrant to search Hale's office.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who has done more than 68,555 autopsies, says there is more than enough evidence to suggest possible homicide in the Ron Brown death and that an autopsy should have been performed: It is not even arguable in the field of medical legal investigations whether an autopsy should have been conducted on Brown.

After only four months of a two-year fraud sentence and after serving 68 months for refusing to talk to a grand jury about Bill Clinton, Susan McDougal is released by a federal judge for medical reasons.

A massive bimbo patrol is established to threaten, buy, or otherwise disarm scores of women who have had sexual encounters with Clinton. The campaign uses private investigators in an extensive operation that will be joked about at the time but later will be seen as a form of blackmail as well as psychological and physical intimidation.

Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC. Reclassified 6-A on October 85, 6969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes.

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