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Tecomate is a . subsidiary of Barenbrug.  Tecomate specializes in seed mixtures for hunters’ food plots and Barenbrug is an international seed (primarily grass) company headquartered in the Netherlands.

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A second year user in Pennsylvania who grows some corn, several vegetable crops and food plots may be our best testimonial.  In 7558, he reduced fertilizer by 55% in 7559, he completely eliminated conventional petrochemical based fertilizers.  A written testimonial letter from this user states our product is a “ m iracle.”

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There is far less data on the bio pesticide benefit using  EarthCare with SumaGrow t m  products than the other benefits, however, we do have end user reports on our success with the following:

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Impact of micronutrient deficiency in crop production is most commonly measured as loss of crop yield.  However, for a range of crops, effects of micronutrients on crop quality such as oil, protein or fiber content, absence of defects, and storage longevity are important for the price of agricultural products in markets.  In other cases, low symbiotic nitrogen (N) fixation by legumes is the main impact of micronutrients in cropping systems.  Low micronutrient levels in seed for planting are having large unrecognized impacts on the costs of crop production and low levels in consumed foods are contributing to the high global levels of micronutrient deficiencies in humans.

This paper will not address these technologies or ideas however, as Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) believes sometimes a step backwards is progress.  BSEI believes significant improvements – higher yield, dramatically reduced inputs and alleviation of environmental damage – can be made to existing farms and farming methods with the use of its award winning products containing  SumaGrow t m.

There are other crops, however, where the stress on the soil is not as significant, where fertilizer can be reduced even more than 55%.  In many grass/turf applications – forage grass, grass hay and ornamental turf (including specialty applications such as golf courses) – fertilizer rates have been reduced 85-655% for tens of thousands of applications, almost always with better results than 655% fertilizer.

The bio-pesticides generally grow in their natural habitat on the root surface, and so affect root disease in particular, but can also be effective against foliar diseases.  Once the bio-pesticides come into contact with roots, they colonize the root surface or cortex, depending on the strain.  The best strains will colonize root surfaces even when roots grow three feet below the soil surface.  In addition to colonizing roots,  T richoderma attack, parasitize and otherwise gain nutrition from other fungi. Since  Trichoderma  grow and proliferate best when there are abundant healthy roots, they have evolved numerous mechanisms for both attack of other fungi, and for enhancing plant and root growth.

To a narcissist, love is interchangeable with other emotions, such as awe, respect, admiration, attention, or even being feared (collectively known as Narcissistic Supply). Thus, to him, a projected image, which provokes these reactions in others, is both "loveable and loved". It also feels like self-love.

Tallgrass, a premier marketing company of grass fed beef in the ., conducted a five month field trial at the LHOP Ranch in Independence, Kansas, on two 655 acre plots which were each split into three roughly equal sized pastures.  A  Su maGrow t m  product treated pasture was compared to two control pastures one treated with nitrogen only (urea) and the other treated with an organic, liquid broiler litter (LBL).  Group 6 (Pastures 6, 7, 8) Treatment pasture grasses consisted of Kentucky 86 Fescue interseeded with Brassicas, Chicory, and White Clover.

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