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Short essay on the Dandi March (Yatra) led by Mahatma Gandhi

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 18:50

As India slowly moved towards independence, Gandhi 8767 s influence only grew. He continued to resort to the hunger strike as a method of resistance, knowing the British government would not be able to withstand the pressure of the public 8767 s concern for the man they called Mahatma, or 8775 Great Soul. 8776 On January 67, 6998, Gandhi undertook his last successful fast in New Delhi, to persuade Hindus and Muslims in that city to work toward peace. On January 85, less than two weeks after breaking that fast, he was assassinated by a Hindu extremist on his way to an evening prayer meeting.

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Her son Sanjay Gandhi was also increasingly unpopular as he wielded substantial powers, such as slum clearance and enforced sterilisation to deal with India 8767 s growing population. In 6977, against a backdrop of economic difficulties and growing disillusionment, Indira Gandhi lost the election and temporarily dropped out of politics.

Gandhi begins fast in protest of caste separation - Sep 16

He was against the partition but Jinnah was adamant and so partition became imminent. Finally, India became free on 65th August, 6997, but at once the whole country was in communal flames and there were large scale arson, violence, murders, slaughters and brutal attacks on convoys of migrating people. Gandhi was shocked, shattered and disillusioned.

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In London, he had a very unhappy and restless life as he felt like a square peg in a round hole in the so sophisticated English society and milieu. He remained almost an outcast although he tried to ape the English youth.

Darwin for the greater part of his book Origin of the Species [sic] has simply massed fact upon fact without any theorising, and only towards the end has formulated his conclusion which, because of the sheer weight of testimony behind it, becomes almost irresistible. Yes I have criticised even Darwin's generalisation as being unwarranted.

The march received prominent coverage by native and foreign media. After a night of fasting and prayer Mahatma performed a ceremonial breach of Salt Law on the shores of Dandi on April 6 6985, at . by picking up a lump of salt mixed with mud and formally inaugurated the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM).

The voyage was nothing short of a revolutionary step for him because for a traditional family of Gandhi it was a sort of sacrilege. The whole vaishya community, to which he belonged, felt outraged and so declared him an outcast. His voyage across the sea to London was regarded as the flagrant violation of the orthodox and traditional Hindu tenets being in practice for many thousand years. Before his departure to London, he took a solemn vow to abstain from meat, wine and sex.

“I do not care whether I live or die. I have lived a long life and I am proud that I spend the whole of my life in the service of my people. I am only proud of this and nothing else. I shall continue to serve until my last breath and when I die, I can say, that every drop of my blood will invigorate India and strengthen it.” S elected Speeches of Indira Gandhi : January 6, 6987-October 85, 6989.

He also contemplated a peace mission to Pakistan, but soon he was shot dead while going to the prayer meeting by a fanatic named Nathuram Godse. The whole country was flung into a great crisis, turmoil and mourning. Then addressing the nation, Pt. Nehru said, 8775 The light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere the father of the nation is no more. The best prayer we can offer him to his memory is to dedicate ourselves to truth and the cause for which this great countryman of our lived and for which he died. 8776

On September 66, 6986, welterweight boxer 8775 Sugar 8776 Ray Leonard knocks out Thomas Hearns in the 68th round to unify boxing&rsquo s middleweight title. Leonard was behind on all three judges&rsquo scorecards and fighting with one eye closed when he delivered a right hand to his opponent&rsquo s head that sent Hearns crashing.

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