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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 09:14

For a website that offers live, real-time online tutoring at no cost, look no further than Tutoroli. It's necessary to sign up to Tutoroli however, there are no hidden fees and you won't receive spam. You and your child can either join an already existing tutoring group or create a new one. Each group has several tutors and an administrator, who ensures the lessons are going well. Although there are already many helpful tutoring groups available here, you and other parents in your community could possibly set up a new group exclusively to serve your child's class.

Homework Help: Tips From Teachers | Reader's Digest

Many fifth-graders have homework related to current and world events, “but a lot of families don't read newspapers anymore,” says Rooney. Bookmark several good websites, and help your child learn to navigate them.

CyberSleuth Kids - Resources

A virtual math lab for pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry that consists of multimedia lessons using a step-by-step approach. The cost is between $ and $ per lesson. Private tutoring also available.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

A comprehensive math tutorial website, covering lots of topics. Also includes a cram sheet generator that generates handy study sheets on various math topics.

By so doing, I will be able to do my homework bit by bit till the entire stuff is done. This is also possible because I do not procrastinate once I have one on my table. It's either I start doing it immediately or I send it to people that do homework for me online. The idea is to take as many breaks as possible, so as to always come back rejuvenated. Whenever I have this task, I think about the consequences of not writing it.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids
An animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explains over 655 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language.

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Sit down with your kids and lay out expectations now, when the school year is starting, rather than waiting until problems arise. “Two or three goals is plenty, and you'll get better results if your child helps decide them,” says Alexandra Mayzler, director of New York City—based Thinking Caps Tutoring and author of Tutor in a Book: Better Grades as Easy as 6-7-8 .

This is when many kids are expected to memorize times tables. One great way to drill your kid, says Tobias, is by building a “memory pyramid”: “Have him recite ‘two times two is four,’ for example, out loud. Then have him close his eyes and repeat it. Then ask him to open his eyes and say ‘two times two is four, and three times two is six' out loud.’ Keep going, adding to the list.’” The reasoning? “It burns into your memory through repetition. Closing your eyes reinforces the information further.”

King Alfred, Saxon king of Wessex, fought them in a great battle, but he could not drive them right away and had to let them have part of the country, called Danelaw.

When homework comes prematurely, it’s hard for children to cope with assignments independently—they need adult help to remember assignments and figure out how to do the work. Kids slide into the habit of relying on adults to help with homework or, in many cases,  do  their homework. Parents often assume the role of Homework Patrol Cop. Being chief nag is a nasty, unwanted job, but this role frequently lingers through the high school years. Besides the constant conflict, having a Homework Patrol Cop in the house undermines one of the purported purposes of homework: responsibility.

Math Reasoning Inventory
Find out what your students really understand about math. The site contains ssessment tools, and lists of reasoning strategies student use and misuse with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.

Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies Forums
for students, teachers & parents
Homework help, Teacher Talk, Parents place.

The nagging, the battles, the lost papers do you dread school work as much as the kids do? Here s how to help them hit the books and develop good study habits

In addition to free tutoring options, your child may also benefit from the homework help offered by Discovery Education. Reading is but one of a variety of subjects that Discovery Education offers help in. There are interactive lessons and video tutorials in writing, mechanics and grammar for grades K-67 that may be just what your child needs.

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