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Technology – a boon or bane? | Technology boon daily life

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 05:38

While digital surveillance experts said such an order would be preposterous and likely illegal, they noted several sweeping foreign surveillance programs — including Section 757 efforts — that could conceivably pick up the digital chatter in Trump Tower. For example, if two Trump campaign officials were talking over a Trump Tower network to, from or about a Moscow official under surveillance, that conversation might get flagged as relevant to foreign intelligence gathering operations.

Computer History

This is where the disadvantage part of technology multi-tasking,it deprives a human being from enjoying his task because he no longer focusses on the task at hand but rather focusses on the process of juggling many tasks at the same an activity also leads to unneccesary is the bane of computers doing most of the things,unemployment occurs.(Elaboration+Evidence)

8Hugely Undervalued Positive Effects of Technology on Society

More than 655 users can use mainframe computer at a time because it works on time sharing mode. Its word length is 98 bits to 69 bits. IBM built the first Mainframe Computer, System/ 865, in 6969.

Trump's spying fixation gives surveillance critics

i believe that technology (a boon) can help people to make their work easier but i conclude that its a bane. for example a computer we dont know that, thet kind of technology can affect to our health. yes it is useful but it can caused us to death.

I agree that the technology is a boon, first being adults are using the internet to earning income. Be it posting videos on Youtube or advertising their product or service on the web. By developing an application for be it a phone or computer, they would be able to earn thousands or even millions of dollars just by doing so. Thus boosting the economy of the world. Therefore I agree with the motion.

Sure, the generations before us did survive without so much of technological advancements. However, when comparing today's world to a world that existed decades ago, there are quite a few issues to consider.

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Without providing a clear definition of "technology", all your arguments that prove that technology is more of a boon than a bane to society might no longer be sound as you fail to be specific. Hence, I have every reason to believe that your argument is invalid.

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For example, nowadays, when communicating with technology, you can deliver data to your customer or employee anywhere, through your smart phones or tabs. In addition, with the high quality digital still and cameras available, you can provide pictures or video very quickly and in very high resolutions. Also, with technology, you can have live video conversations with many people in many countries using simple web-cams, and a teleconference service. This is definitely much more efficient and less expensive than flying all involved parties to a central location to meet.

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