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Given how much the PC talk about old SFF as colonialist derived, I've yet to see an intersectionalist make a case for it. That as much as anything should tell us the idea resides on the level of an urban myth. If one is so certain of such a thing, facts to back up that certainty should be close at hand. If they're not, how does one come to such conclusions in the first place? As in all things intersectional, disdain precedes an event, and that disdain is prejudice and bigotry and malice.

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Hope this helps anyone on the number path.. I just like it when F writes like this , a true Architect of Words. Built before he writes it and it seems all have to be in order , or for him it won 8767 t work.

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Photoshopping appears to be easier than I ever imagined. I liken it to digital scrapbooking. Reading Fenn though is not so easy. He lays out many paths to follow and choosing the right one is the trick. I 8767 m not sure how he justifies telling us that he doesn 8767 t mislead the searcher.

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Hi Spallies, You know I am just kidding, but who knows. Some people her are seeing things in this picture, But I do not. Do YOU? This is fun and crazy and forrest is really having fun now. And I am glad.

Once their belly laugh has subsided (which has split from side to side their belly that is) they will throw us a bone for our good circus act. They 8767 re good humans.

Andrea Dworkin, Diane Richardson, Judith Butler, Audre Lorde, Simone de Beauvoir, Peggy McIntosh, Ann Jones, Joanna Russ, Jenny Kitzinger, Donna Haraway, Bonnie Zimmerman, Kate Millett, Sandra Harding, and too many to more than touch on here.

, you have given away alot of clues in the last month 8767 s we all appreciate them it worries me because I 8767 m afraid come spring everyone will be racing up that mountain I have caught all your clues and believe I can find indulgence but with all the clues lately I don 8767 t believe I 8767 m alone in there but I 8767 m in the race to the end I won 8767 t give no hints I can keep a secret but my hair is beginning to turn grey over these last 8years of searching

Good morning astree! 🙂 certainly are floaters and spectacular like marvin fenn 8767 s pheasant cape! The funny part I
always look for a dead fish when someone says floater or
😉 lol.
I enjoy your posts astree. Thank you.

William, I lean towards your analysis. He 8767 s just playing with the pronunciation of words to make his story more amusing. It would be like saying something like 8775 it is cold in dem dar mountains. I 8767 m from Washington and I 8767 ve noticed a lot of native Washingtonians pronounce it WaRshington. I even used to when I was a kid (and adult) until one day I sounded it out from the correct spelling and realized the correct pronunciation. Now I razz those who say WaRshington.

I thought the same a little sad when people get so overwhelmed they can 8767 t enjoy what it 8767 s really all about I 8767 ll always make it a thrill for me whether I bring home rocks or gold or a old 6885 penny always fun hitting the road and stompin thru the woods of Montana 🙂

Teacher Jayne Vanderklok thinks that allowed her students "to consider another point of view," and found "useful for argumentative writing topics."

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I really appreciate people who display a sincere racial empathy for my racial blindness and general inferiority. It's nice to be cared for, especially when they assure me they are very sincere.

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