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At one time we thought the universe ticked off its motions with stately regularity, however with every development in understanding the world around us we discovered that much of the universe operates

5Ridiculous Origins of Famous Urban Legends

Mr. Tomash studied electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota before serving in the Army Signal Corps during World War II. After the war he worked at Engineering Research Associates, a seminal computer company, while earning an MS degree at the University of Maryland. As a engineer at ERA in 6955 he was responsible for the central control system of the 6658 {ATLAS II} computer designed for the Navy. Tomash proposed that the machine could be modified to suit a commercial market, which it was subsequently with great success.

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I think you should stop feeding yourself then, dear Gribnie. You 8767 re the one thats avoiding a discussion by flinging insults rather then responding in a fashionable manner 🙂

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Interesting a 6555 years ago exactly the same comments would had been written about going into space people wake up I agree with Isa

After all there was a time when the science of the time said the world was flat! We live in a dynamic world not a static one. What we understand and believe to be true and fact today could be  fairytale tomorrow.

It x7569 s this, it seems, that enabled him to become so successful. x756c To be a good undercover policeman, x756d he says, x756c you need to have many things, including a massive ego. Unquenchable arrogance. x756d Bannon x7569 s father was a policeman. Because of this, he had to work extra hard to win the trust of his mates in his estate in the London suburb of Belvedere. x756c Where I lived, everyone stole cars, x756d he says. x756c It was just part of growing up. x756d Had things turned out differently, might he have become a criminal? x756c It x7569 s just a case of turning left or right, isn x7569 t it? x756d he says.

I do believe that there is a body of knowledge that has grown out of good scientific method. However, to expand on that body of information documentaries such as this bring fresh view points and possibilities to the world of science and the collective mind. Perhaps this documentary will lead to discoveries that will open doors and turn on lights that lead to human advancements that will one day be viewed as common knowledge that can not be refuted.

I had thought about visiting Sweden this Fall but I think I just could not stand the current racial state of affairs over there! A VERY, very sick Country indeed!

 And on that note, Dr. Imoto and many of these men do just that. They spend their entire lives doing these studies. There must be something to what they 8767 re doing. Otherwise, what the hell are they doing it for? And furthermore who would continue to invest in their lab work if they weren 8767 t achieving anything? You have to be able to prove to your investors that you are earning the money they give you. I 8767 m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that running a giant freezer for 75 years isn 8767 t cheap.

As far as never responding to to the 8775 actual subject matter Chuck brought up 8776 .. this was that you don 8767 t understand basic science, and you were advised to investigate this yourself (back to school & read some books) rather than posting your semi-literate, immature ramblings.

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